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What Is A Blackboard Organization?

A Blackboard Organization is a location within Blackboard for groups to meet online. The Learning Management System (LMS) team may designate an "Organization" as a "Student Center" based on it's needs. The terms "Organization" (and "Student Center") refer to non-Banner created course shells that are used for purposes other than credit-earned courses. You may have an "Organization" based upon various criteria such as the examples listed belo. In either case, the same course tools are available as they are in a standard Blackboard course. Organizations do not replace a standard Blackboard course, but help to enhance it's pedagogical needs.


Who Uses An Organization?

WCU currently has about 50 Organizations and 25 Student Centers active in Blackboard.

Some Examples of Organizations:
Some Examples of Student Centers:
Award Committees Campus-Wide Training
Faculty Collaboration Community Interaction
Focus Groups Course-Specific Training
General Academic Preparation Educational Outreach

How Can I Have One?

Organizations are available for any WCU faculty or staff. To request an Organization, please fill out this form.


Where Can I Get Tutorials?
How To enroll Members Into An Org
More tutorials
Who Can I Contact With Further Questions?


Please contact the LMS Support team at (828) 227-2930 (Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm)
or via e-mail to