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What Is A Blackboard Community Member?

A Blackboard Community Member is someone who does not currently have a WCU account and has been invited to participate in a Blackboard Course, Organization or Student Center. Instructors and Leaders may invite community members to take part in their curriculum as a student or assistant.


How Can I Grant a Community Member Access to Blackboard?

Only WCU faculty/staff can request access for a community member. The requestor will be the "sponsor" of the community member for the duration of the community member's access. The sponsor can only request access to Courses, Student Centers and Organizations that they are the Instructor or Leader for.

The sponsor must use Internet Explorer and be on campus at time of request. Off-campus requests must connect to the university's VPN first. The Community Member must sign this legal contract which the sponsor is responsible for storing on file for 5 years.

The sponsor just needs to fill out this request form with the following information:
* The Community Member's Full Name
* The Community Member's E-Mail Address
* The Community Member's Phone Number (must be a direct phone number to the user)

Here's a Handy Step-Sheet to Walk You through the Process

The Community Member's account will be active for one year. After one year, the account will be terminated unless renewed by the sponsor.

What Access Can A Community Member Receive?

Community Members will only have access to specific Courses, Student Centers or Organizations within Blackboard that a sponsor requests. The Community Member will not be granted access to any other system or university e-mail access. If the Comminity Member requires access to systems other than Blackboard, the sponsor needs to request a Guest Account.


What Are the Fees, Catches, and Legal Mumbo-Jumbo?

Free! That's right, there is no charge for granting a Community Member access to Blackboard.

The Catch? The catch is a WCU faculty/staff member must "sponsor" the Community Member.

The Legal Stuff? The Community Member is only granted access for One Year (12 months). After One Year, the Community Member's account will be terminated unless the sponsor elects to renew the access. Ten days prior to the Community Member's account reaching termination date, the sponsor will receive an e-mail with information for renewing access. Also, the Community Member must sign this legal contract which the sponsor is responsible for storing on file for 5 years.

Who Can I Contact With Further Questions?


Please contact the LMS Support team at (828) 227-2930 (Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm)
or via e-mail to